localizador gps

Protector Tracker

There are several gps locators that we install in Segurimovil according to the needs.

On this occasion we show you the two exclusive service locator options for Segurimovil customers: Protector.

Thanks to the installation of a hidden device in the car and the use of the exclusive application, many factors can be controlled.

In the case of Protector Connect we highlight the possibility of being able to digitally immobilize the vehicle, while with Protector Premium we achieve the most exclusive security.

Worldwide positioning, remote immobilization of the vehicle and guidance to your car. And you know what? That you can also create security areas and if the vehicle leaves the marked areas, you will receive a notification on your mobile letting you know.

Undoubtedly the most complete location system and thanks to which cars that have been stolen have been recovered.

If you love your car so much, it is your star service!